Key Policy

KEY POLICY as of 2013



In an effort to improve and maintain security at Deertrack Bowhunters Archery Range, a locked gate is at the entrance on Vandeboom Rd. This gate has a keyed lock that will be changed annually. Possession of a key at the range is proof of paid membership.

A key will be provided to each paid member or family membership for a security deposit of $5.00. At the renewal of a membership, the key can be exchanged for the new season’s key. At the termination of a membership, the key can be returned and the $5.00 security deposit will be refunded. Lost keys can be replaced for an additional $5.00 security deposit.

Duplication of keys will result in review by executive committee and expulsion from the club. Loaning of key is a breach of trust and not fair to those who have paid their membership and will result in expulsion from club.

Keys will be distributed at membership meetings, board meetings or workbees at the range. Those paying by mail or online will be mailed their key.